Serve serve and Only Serve

Together Build a World Where we Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Living together is the nature of humans from the beginning of this world. People always live in communities and societies. The aim of these societies is to serve humanity. Our religion, Islam is the best preacher of serving humanity with kindness.

Our beloved Prophet said: “The person who breaks the bond of kingship, will not enter Paradise” 

For the purpose to serve, some reputable people of society laid the foundation of a welfare organization “Anjuman Idressia” on 10th June 1983 during the holy month of Ramadan. The establishment of this institution is to serve all the people other than racism, cast,e and social differences.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

The major income source of Anjuman idressia is the funds collected by the well-off people of the town. The other funds collected from Zakat, skin selling of sacrificial animal and others resources 


Idressia Medical Complex

One of our projects is Idressia welfare medical complex, near bypass road,Alam Chowk 


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Jamia Idressia Girls High school

Jamia idressia girls high school is located in the most deprived area of the city. In Baghbanpura Gujranwala, it is a great blessing for the needy and intelligent students.

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Idressia Hifz Quran Center

Iddresia Hifz-Quran center is doing its duty of imparting religious education to the girls. At present 50 girls are under study. So far hundreds of girls have completed their Hifz Quran, Nazra Quran and Translation of Quran.


Idressia Handicraft Center

This department is helping women self-sufficient. In this craft center work of sewing and craft is being taught.



Idressia Welfare center

In backward and poor areas, Idressia welfare medical center is working under the supervision of M.B.B.S doctor. Here 1300 patients are getting quality treatment and medicines on the slip of Rs. 25. 

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