Jamia Idressia Girls High School

We have built a very huge building for the deserving kids in an underdeveloped area of the city. Jamia Idressia girls high school is having all the educational facilities required for modern educational needs. The well-educated teachers are providing their services at this school.

Education is the backbone for the prosperity and progress of any country. For the sake of the education of poor kids, Haji Muhammad Amin donated his house. in that building the school started its working as a primary school under the supervision of Prof. T.M Yousaf. The hardworks of Dr.Mushtaq Husain Sabir, Muhammad Hussain Mughal, Haji Naimat Ali, Muhammad Younas Chaughtai will always be remembered in the functioning of this school. Initially the furniture was donated by Muhammad Younis Chaughtai.

nowadays the school is working in a splendid building in the under-developed area of Baghbanpura, Gujranwala.

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